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January 14, 2013


The following is information regarding the availability of hardship licenses for people whose OUI cases have been disposed of in court pursuant to MGLc.90,s.24D.  Please be advised that this information is being provided solely for the purpose of allowing a defendant to better prepare for their hardship hearing before appearing at a Registry, and that the Registry may require other documents or information before rendering a decision.  At a minimum, please be aware of the following:

 Hardship licenses are available on any case where a defendant has been properly granted a disposition under MGL c.90, s24D.  The Registrar will not entertain requests in cases where the records of the agency reflect that such a disposition was not available to the defendant.

  1. In order to allow for the courts and the Registry to exchange information regarding these dispositions,
  2. hardship applicants must wait 3 business days after their court date before appearing at the Registry, and MUST first have appeared for in-take at their assigned first offender program.

Example:  On a court disposition on Monday, you may not appear at the Registry until Thursday.

Hardship applications may only be made at Registry locations that conduct hearings.  Presently, those branches are: Boston (630 Washington Street), Brockton, North Attleboro, Lowell, Worcester, Springfield and Lawrence. Theses locations are subject to change without notice.

You may not operate a motor vehicle until such time a hardship license may be granted.  Any evidence that you have been drinking since you have been suspended in this matter will be grounds for denial of your application.

You must provide the following documentation at the hearing:

:  Proof of hardship (i.e. employment, education, medical, etc.)

:  Proof of enrollment in a Massachusetts First Offender Program approved by the Department of Public Health.  No out of state programs authorized by MGL c.90, s24D.  You must first appear at the first offenders program that you have been assigned to for your initial interview, and have that documented on letterhead from the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Hardship licenses are not available under this law if you are suspended or revoked for any reason apart from this case, if charges other than OUI in this case cause you to be suspended or revoked, or if these charges combined with other incidents on your driving record result in other suspension or revocation action.

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Massachusetts Habitual Traffic Offender

September 8, 2012

In Massachusetts your license can be suspended for multiple traffic violations as an habitual traffic offender.

A simple guide is as follows:

If you receive 3 civil infractions within 12 months you will get a 30 day suspension;

If you have 5 surcharge-able events within 3 years (this includes accidents and civil infractions) you will get a 90 day suspension.  The Registry of Motor Vehicles will also make you complete a driver retraining course and your license is suspended UNTIL you complete driver retraining;

If you have 7 surcharge-able events in within 3 years you will get a 60 day suspension;

If you are deemed an Habitual Traffic Offender your license will be suspended for 4 years.

An experienced attorney can assist you and help save your license or get you a “Cinderella” or 12 hour license that enable you to get back and forth to work, school or other important places.  The EASIEST way to stop this from happening is to APPEAL THE CITATION WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT!  We can assist you in the appeal, even if you are wrong, and prevent the license suspension.  It is cheaper to have an attorney assist you in fighting the ticket than it is to have one help you at the Registry Board Of Appeals.

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